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Arts & Evaluation Community of Practice

Welcome to the Arts & Evaluation Community of Practice! 

As a collective of artsy and arts-curious evaluators, we are a peer and volunteer-run community on a mission to support evaluators in making evaluations more creative. Members benefit from:

learning community
international network of people
art workshop
video call with people
educational resources
painter palette with a lightbulb, rocket ship, and an idea bubble

Peer-run educational content
(presentations, webinars, discussion groups) 

A network of potential collaborators, mentors, and co-contractors 

Access to peers to beta-test and provide feedback on your arts-based tools and techniques before using them in evaluations

Social connections
(happy hour socials, discussions) 

Peer-contributed resources, tips, news & contracts related to arts & evaluation

A platform to share ideas, fail forward, giggle, ask for help, see what others are up to, celebrate wins, brainstorm, and try new things

and more....

Interested in joining?

If you're an artsy or arts-curious person practicing or studying evaluation, you're very welcome! 

Sign-up here

Important Notice

Thank you for your patience and sense of humour as we work out glitches in this platform.


Eager to get this community up and running, we haven't quite figured out all of the things (but we are working on it).

You may notice the following issues:​

  • The invite email filters to spam

  • The "forgotten password" page is hard to read (we don't have access to this page)

  • Not sure how to add a profile pic? We don't know either.

  • The mobile site leaves much to be desired.

If you find any other issues, please send us an email and we'll get on it. 

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