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On this page, we share ideas, stories, lessons learned (often the hard way), and questions. It's a way for us to have a conversation with you and get to know each other better. You'll notice that we don't take ourselves too seriously here. We invite you to laugh along, use any information you find helpful, and share your thoughts with us.  

We let a cat run our business! 

Kidding...but there is a cat and business planning. Here's what happened.

5 Reasons Why Art

But, it's sooooooooo subjective. 


When it comes to evidence, art gets a bad rap. Here's 5 reasons why art is an asset in research and evaluation.


Do you hide your confidence in your writing? 

In this series, we explore why we have been made to feel bad about boasting, and the value of direct, confident, and humble writing. We share examples and strategies to un-couch your ideas.


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