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Arts & Evaluation Community of Practice

Ground Rules

We are all human with complex lives, experiences, and perspectives. That's what makes us great! And, that's what also makes us messy. From time to time, we all need a friendly reminder that being part of a group means doing a little extra work to stay respectful, accountable, and delightful. 

These ground rules can help us to be part of an authentic community:

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Keep posts, reactions, and comments respectful and encouraging 
(Be critical of methods, not people) 

Elevate other members and their worldviews, perspectives, and experiences

(Is your participation encouraging fellow members to engage?) 

Practice consent

(Ask before sharing or using content posted by another member beyond this platform

Take initiative!
(Contribute your own content and ideas to make this community awesome) 

Keep content relevant and beneficial
(Save anything that isn't directly related to arts and/or evaluation for your own social media

Practice critical thinking & reflexivity

(Always assess the relevance of content before applying methods or strategies to your own work)

These rules might change over time as we learn what does and doesn't work for our community.


Organizers of this community reserve the right to:

  • privately address questionable behaviour with members (we are interested in learning not shaming)

  • delete questionable, off-topic, and/or harmful posts 

  • remove members who fail to comply with these rules and are unwilling to learn or adapt behaviour

Organizers, Jennica Nichols and Maya Lefkowich, volunteer their time to support this community and do not profit from running this group. They do not accept liability for any loss or damage incurred as a result of your participation in this community.

Is something missing? We're open to learning what will help this community thrive. Send us an email with your insights and suggestions!

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