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We are passionate about using evaluation tools that help you set, stay on top of, and reach goals. With meaningful measurement, creative evaluation frameworks, and assessment strategies, we capture your learning to stimulate growth.

Here are some examples of our clients:

  • The Provincial Health Services Authority, British Columbia, Canada

  • The Canadian Evaluation Society, National Board, Canada

  • Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Canada

  • UBC Farms, University of Vancouver Canada

  • Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Canada

  • IT Waterford, Waterford Ireland

  • Pacifica Treatment Centre, Vancouver Canada

  • Pioneer Community Living Association, New Westminster Canada

  • Health Canada, Ottawa Canada

  • Rockefeller Foundation, New York USA

  • International Development Research Centre, Ottawa Canada

  • Toronto Central CCAC, Toronto Canada

  • Toronto Central LHIN, Toronto Canada

  • Tumaini Children's Drop-In Centre, Eldoret Kenya

  • University of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada

  • Abriendo Oportunidades, International Collaboration (Guatemala, USA, Canada)

  • Campbell Company of Canada, Toronto Canada

  • Diabetes Canada, Toronto Canada

  • Alley Theatre, Vancouver Canada

Here are some examples of previous evaluations we have completed:

Supporting an Innovation Lab to Reimagine Health Equity Programming

We used outcome mapping, developmental evaluation, and case studies to capture program innovation and facilitate future change. As a result, we guided strategic planning for social entrepreneurship and health equity and reported results to the funder to encourage sustainable resourcing.

Using Theatre to Discuss Land Rights, Inheritance, and Colonialism

We evaluated a choose-your-own-adventure theatre play in order to facilitate difficult conversations about colonialism, allyship, and personal change initiatives.

Combining Measurement with Photography to Understand Impact

Using a mixed methods approach, we monitored and enhanced understanding about the impacts of a drop-in centre for street-involved young people. 

Scaling Up a Place-Based Intervention to Increase Access to Health Care

With integrating mixed methods tools and strategic planning, we helped to guide the scaling up of an intervention. As a result, we were able to advise on meaningful and sustainable strategies to connect  isolated individuals and families to preventative and primary health services. 

Celebrating Program Success Using Administrative Data

By prioritizing client outcomes, we analyzed three years of data to improve organizational practices for holistic in-patient drug treatment approaches.

Improving a Grant Program for International Research Collaborations

Working as part of a team, we assessed the process and impacts of a large Canadian funding program aiming to solve complex health problems. As a result, we helped to refine the next granting cycle to improve funding practices in Canada.

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