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Implementation Science

We want knowledge to be useful and useable. No more aimless reports collecting dust on shelves. Let's use information to spark change. With careful attention paid to end-user engagement, real-world impact, and audience reach, we elevate integrated knowledge translation, knowledge mobilization, and knowledge exchange initiatives.

Closing the gap between knowledge creation and use

Implementation Science

We will help you to translate your knowledge into dynamic outputs with:

achievable goals

appropriate audiences



Asking questions that matter in ways that matter

Our mission is to build research capacity in communities so we can work ourselves out of a job. By supporting communities and collaborators to identify their own research priorities and call the shots, we draw on methods that support innovation, sustainability, and social change.


Across all types of research contracts, we:

  1. Commit to capacity-building activities with clients and communities

  2. Disrupt dependence on academic institutions & knowledge gatekeepers

  3. Amplify research participant strengths, agency, and ownership over the process

As methodologists, we offer expertise in:

  • anti-oppressive

  • audience-centred

  • feminist

  • patient-centred

  • resilience-centred

  • strengths-based

  • sustainable

  • queer





  • collage

  • drawing

  • digital storytelling

  • emergent & exploratory

  • multi-media

  • narrative inquiry

  • poetic inquiry

  • photovoice

  • photo elicitation

  • research-based theatre



  • audience engagement

  • discourse analysis

  • exploratory

  • ethnography

  • grounded theory

  • motivational interviewing

  • narrative interviewing

  • strengths-based interviewing

  • thematic analysis



  • audience measurement

  • big data

  • descriptive statistics

  • health behaviour change

  • survey design



Transforming lessons learned into new possibilities

Evaluation has a bad reputation for making people feel like they are on trial. To us, evaluation is about helping you reach your goals while contributing to social change. Using creative evaluation tools, we support organizational learning and transformation to bring you closer to your vision. That's it. No trials. Just learning and growth.

We specialize in the following types of evaluation: 

  • appreciative inquiry

  • case study

  • developmental evaluation

  • empowerment evaluation

  • most significant change

  • outcome mapping 

  • principle-based evaluation

  • theory-based evaluation

Whether you have an evaluation requirement in your grant, want to leverage learning in your work, or need a partner on a bid or project, we can help.



Creating change by building capacity

Have you ever snoozed through a boring lecture? We have! That's why we design experiential learning frameworks. With fun and hands-on educational activities, we elevate skill development and personal growth all while building towards the learning outcomes that people actually want. Starting from an anti-oppressive lens, we foster brave learning environments where critical thinking, honest questions, and mistakes are encouraged.

Here's what we can do:

e-learning &

digital adaptation

curriculum design

lesson planning



creative content

teaching evaluations


We also facilitate one-off workshops, training series, and adult learning courses:

  • academic communication

  • arts-based methods (for research & evaluation)

  • confronting implicit bias in reporting, researching, and evaluation

  • creative knowledge translation 

  • data collection and data analysis (qualitative & arts-based)

  • reflexive evaluation practice

  • STEM communication

  • storytelling for organizations and academics

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