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Hello! My name is Jennica Nichols. I was born and raised in Southern Ontario and am of European descent. I am grateful to have called Vancouver, British Columbia home since 2016.  I work to increase research relevance and use in healthcare by shifting how research is done, how findings are used, and who benefits from the process. I focus on implementation science, public health, patient engagement, and theatre to do this. I am also an evaluator. Use, respect, and thoughtfulness are core values that guide my work. I help clients do meaningful measurement, visualize how programs works, apply evaluative thinking to answer questions, and creatively solve problems as they emerge. Outside of work, I spend my time camping, being an aunt, nerding out about evolution, experimenting in the kitchen, scuba driving, and exploring hole-in-the-wall restaurants. 

Doctor of Philosophy, Interdisciplinary Studies (expected Dec, 2022)

The University of British Columbia

Master of Public Health, Epidemiology and Global Health

The University of Toronto, Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Hons. Bachelor of Science, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology | Minor in Sexuality, Marriage and Family

The University of Waterloo

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Jennica Nichols

Ph.D. Candidate, CE, MPH, BSc

KT specialist, implementation scientist, credentialed evaluator, educational consultant, researcher


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