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Implementation Science

Here are some examples:

Patient Education

We supported the co-creation of a patient-centred tool. By bringing together patients, health care providers, researchers, and a national charity, we effectively supported people learning to use insulin.

A video of a woman explaining step-by-step instructions for injecting insulin

Community Engagement

We supported important community conversations with a live-broadcasted "teach in" or panel event. With careful facilitation, audiences and journalists discussed the role of media in decolonization.

A poster for an event called, "Decolonizing the Media."

Knowledge Exchange

We designed an academic conference with a twist. By elevating peer-led training, failing forward sessions, and collective wisdom from group activities, we re-imagined what a conference could be.

A poster for an academic conference called, "Nexus Conference: Scholarship [In] Action."

Service Provider Support

Stemming from our own research, we designed a guidebook for services providers in Ireland to better engage men in health care. Our guide has been used across Ireland to improve practice and reduce stigma.

the frontcover of a report called, "Engaging Men as Partners and Participants"

Knowledge should be wanted and useful. Data aren't helpful stuck in a long-winded report that no one reads. We help clients use data to spark change by: making recommendations actionable, identifying clear next steps, and centring knowledge users as audiences and decision-makers. Some call this integrated knowledge translation, knowledge mobilization, or knowledge transfer. Some use these words interchangeably. Rather than get caught-up in the words, we focus on meaningful, ethical, and creative steps to get those findings into practice.

We will help you to translate your knowledge into action-oriented and practical outputs with:

achievable goals

appropriate audiences


Want to chat about how we can transform your research project, evaluation report, or educational content into something that sparks change? We would be happy to book a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your idea and see if we are the right fit for your knowledge translation initiative. 

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Transforming good ideas into seeds of change

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