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As trained research methodologists, we support meaningful research processes by actively working ourselves out of a job.


By supporting communities and collaborators to identify their own research priorities and call the shots, we draw on research methods that support social change. 


Across public health research, social science research, and research on evaluation, we:​​

Whether you are a community group, non-profit organization, or academic researcher we would be happy to partner with you on a values-aligned research project. Here's how we can contribute: 

Meaningful inquiry belongs in meaningful relationships

Commit to capacity-building activities with clients and communities

Disrupt dependence on academic institutions & knowledge gatekeepers

Elevate research participants' strengths, agency, and data ownership

Uphold ethical principles of the communities and cultures in which we work


  • Offer feedback on grant and project proposals 

  • Beta-test your data collection tools 

  • Review & edit manuscripts

  • Share subject-matter and methodological expertise


  • Write proposals (grants, project plans, ethics) 

  • Design data collection tools

  • Collect & analyze data

  • Write reports & manuscripts 

  • Manage your project and bring it across the finish-line


  • Co-design and carry-out all aspects of a research study

  • Establish solid theoretical frameworks and ethical protocols

  • Build capacity for and train collaborators, peer researchers, and students 


  • Drawing

  • Collage

  • Photo Elicitation 

  • Photovoice 

  • Research-based Theatre

  • Digital Storytelling

  • Poetry

  • Narrative Inquiry



  • Audience Engagement

  • Case Study

  • Ethnography

  • Exploratory

  • Grounded Theory

  • Phenomenology

    Passionate about good interviewing and thorough data analysis!


  • Audience Measurement

  • Big Data

  • Descriptive Statistics

  • Health Behaviour Change

  • Survey Design

In the fields of social science, public health, and evaluation research, we offer methodological expertise in: 

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