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Our Story

We met in graduate school after being assigned neighbouring offices. After everyone else had gone for the night, we spent hours sitting on the office floor dreaming up projects to work on together.


Tired of competitive academic culture, we fantasized about imaginative ventures that foster collaboration - especially among women/gender diverse folks and communities.

We used school as an opportunity to test our own change initiatives - transforming opportunities that graduate students compete over into collaborative projects. 

As we reached the end of our PhDs, we reimagined what a consulting firm could be, and founded AND implementation.


AND is our commitment to always play to each other's strengths and the strengths of our clients/ communities. We built our dream jobs!

Maya Lefkowich

Jennica Nichols

Our Team

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As a small company, we love collaborating with fellow independent consultants or bigger firms on large scale and special interest projects. We are open to managing projects with subcontractors, subcontracting on your large-scale project, bidding on RFPs as partners, and/or speaking at your special event as a keynote or panelist.


Ask us about teaming up!

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