Our values are central in our mission as a company and approach as consultants. Here's how we take act on our values in our practice:

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We are committed to making decisions that serve future generations and respond to pressing environmental circumstances. 


Instead of creating dependence, we actively work ourselves out of a job. We build core skills and confidence among clients, collaborators, and stakeholders so that they can sustain initiatives independently.

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We support our community by contributing 10% of our net profits to accessible student scholarships and charities that do anti-oppressive work. We also contribute pro bono services and in-kind support for community-led projects.

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We take an anti-oppressive stance in all of our work by learning about, unlearning, and dismantling inequities. We work to render visible invisible abuses of power, support reflexivity and honest dialogue, and prioritize solutions-focused strategies that elevate the wisdom and imaginations of folks who have experienced marginalization. We turn down contracts that do not support equity.

Creativity & Imagination 

The same thinking that got us into the problem cannot get us out. We embrace risk-taking and use interdisciplinary strategies to re-imagine what is possible. We prioritize arts-based methods and creative problem solving. 

Usability & Impact 

We work backwards from the desired change, impact, or outcome to design and implement solutions.


We embrace the messiness! By evolving alongside ever-shifting issues, we address difficult topics, sit with discomfort, and face challenges with curiosity and humility.