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Better data, and implementation.

Who We Are

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program evaluation

evaluation consultant

monitoring and evaluation 

performance measurement


research consulting


funder report

donor report

educational consultant

Vancouver British Columbia


Canadian consulting firm

women-owned consulting firm 

monitoring evaluation and learning


Make data actionable so your ideas spark change (rather than gather dust).


Honour your learning and growth

Set and reach program and organizational goals. 

Strategic Planning

Find your own path

Leverage your unique strengths in line with your mission. 


Inquiry in relationship 

Set and pursue reciprocal research priorities on your terms.

Professional Development

Take your practice further

 Gain practical revaluation skills on your own or in your team.

How We Work

Honour your values and social change goals 

Elevate the joy and wisdom of your team

Infuse your project with creativity & energy

Compliment your ideas with skills & strategies

Act on learning and adapt to new contexts

With creative and rigorous approaches, we ensure you are exhilarated, not exhausted!  

Our Clients

Community Groups

Non-Profit Organizations


Health Authorities

Government Agencies

Academic Institutions

Advocacy Groups

Get Started!

Send us a message to let us know what you're looking for and how we can support you. 

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