AND implementation

Starting from your ideas, we bring creative strategies to bridge research, evaluation, implementation, and learning - closing the loop between knowledge production
and implementation


produce knowledge people want


build capacity for systems change, reflexivity & accountability


check assumptions & align with goals

Implementation Science

transform knowledge into practice

We are on a mission to make knowledge production creative and useful. Specializing in arts-based and emergent methods, we make sure good ideas don't go to waste. To do that, we help with:

  • strategic planning

  • program evaluations

  • qualitative and mixed-methods research

  • knowledge translation or mobilization initiatives 

  • education & professional development

  • professional & academic writing 


Our clients include: private companies, community organizations and non-governmental organizations, community and advocacy groups, researchers and scholars, government agencies, funding organizations, education specialists, health professionals, implementation scientists, evaluators, and more.

Co-founders and consultants Jennica Nichols and Maya Lefkowich are passionate about partnership. We take a client-centred approach. We listen. We come full of ideas and enthusiasm. And, we commit to integrity and reciprocity in our work together.

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COVID-19 has had a HUGE impact research capacity. Community, student, and faculty researchers are exhausted. It's hard to be creative and thoughtful while dealing with increased isolation and existential dread. We want to help researchers combat production fatigue. 

If you are a community and/or university-based researcher who wants a boost of energy and support on your research project(s), we can help with: 

  • Translating that parking lot of ideas into proposals, project scaffolding, and actionable next steps

  • Collecting and/or analyzing qualitative, mixed-methods, and arts-based data 

  • Co-writing manuscripts, journal articles, book chapters, and more

  • Co-creating conference presentation, lecture, and training materials 

  • Supporting research project coordination 

  • Supporting students and trainees on large projects or cluster grants who need extra help with writing, interview or focus group facilitation, qualitative analysis, and more

As two PhD researchers working outside the university, we can give you and your research project our full attention. It's like having a personal think-tank devoted to your program of research. 

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