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Arts-Based Methods for Evaluators

Beginner Course

Hands-on, creative practice, online course for practicing evaluators looking for a gentle introduction to arts-based data collection techniques to jazz up their practice.

The 2024 course ran for 6 weeks from January-February 2024.

  • Wednesday 9:00-11:00am PST  (January 17 - February 21) 

  • Thursday 9:00-11:00am (January 18 - February 22)

Faint Glow

Registration Closed

Registration for our upcoming 2025 cohort is not open yet.

To receive updates on and advanced registration for the next offering, sign up for our waitlist below.

Sorry, we are closed sign


Jazz up your evaluation toolbox with creative, energizing, joy-centred facilitation and data collection strategies. Learn how to:

Elicit rich qualitative data

Navigate ethics in practice

Facilitate arts methods 

Decide between arts methods

Use data to inform decisions

Faint Glow


Invest in your evaluation practice and benefit from original content you won't find anywhere else, a supportive learning community, and a tailored learning experience.

12 hours of original content

6 x 2-hour live sessions with case studies & real-world examples


Connect with peers in a small class with plenty of discussions

Familiarity with 4 methods

Photo elicitation, poetry, drawing & collage

Confidence with art-making

Zero judgment for your artistic skills!

Hands-on skills

Time dedicated to practicing in each session

Imaginative Interviewing

Enhance your interviewing skills with more creative questions 

group of people making art around a table

What People are Saying

"An excellent opportunity to deepen into critical thinking about matching evaluation goals with arts-based approaches, and learn about ways to creatively and meaningfully engage participants."

- Learner, Spring 2023 Cohort

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you offering the course again?

We don't have a set date in mind. Join the waitlist for information on a future offering. If you are an organization, we can offer customized workshops and professional development sessions for your whole team. Email us to inquire.

Who can register?

Practicing evaluators at any stage of their careers are welcome, and must have experience with: 

  • Designing evaluation frameworks (setting goals, drafting evaluation questions, creating logic models and/or theories of change)  

  • Conducting qualitative interviews and/or focus groups 

  • Analyzing qualitative data

* The course will be taught in English. But, evaluators can join from anywhere in the world!

Do I have to be an artist?

No! Absolutely no artistic skill or experience is necessary. 

What supplies do I need? 
  • Access to a computer or tablet with internet & a microphone and camera for Zoom

  • Access to a camera or pre-existing photos (e.g., on your phone or in an album)

  • A pen or pencil

  • Paper or a notebook (lined, graph, or printer paper are all okay) 

  • Colour markers, pencil crayons, or wax crayons (a few assorted colours is perfect) 

  • Collage materials (glue, scissors, scrap items)

Where can I learn more about arts-methods?

You can read more about arts-methods on our blog: 

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