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How Can We Help?

Everything you need to transform curiosity into knowledge, and knowledge into action is right here

Our practice centres on learning and growth. We help clients identify their unique strengths, adapt to changing contexts, and reach their goals. It's that simple! 

Here's what we do: 

Listen to what clients want and need

Co-create feasible goals

Identify a meaningful scope

Gather relevant information

Craft actionable recommendations 

Inform meaningful next steps

Promote accountability 

Celebrate client "wins" and successes

Here's what we do not do: 

Judge anyone for where they are at

Impose generic metrics of success

Set unattainable goals 

Recycle templates and frameworks between clients 

Exhaust collaborators with extractive  data collection 

Create reports to gather dust on a shelf

Whether you are at the start of your program or initiative looking forward, at the end looking back, or somewhere in the messy middle, we can help you capture the wisdom of what you are doing and why it matters. 


Honour learning and growth

Research thrives when those who are intended to benefit from findings also ask questions, set priorities, and control the process. As trained methodologists, we work ourselves out of a job by building research capacity within communities.

In our research projects, we commit to disrupting extractive and harmful research practices, elevating participants' agency and strengths, and upholding the ethical principles of the communities in which we work.  

Arts-based Methods

Qualitative Methods

Quantitative Methods

Mixed Methods


Inquiry in Relationship

You're on a mission, and we want to help! While we can't travel to the future, we can help organizations prepare for the next steps with creative strategies to stay focused, adapt to shifting contexts, and sustain meaningful relationships. 

With creative facilitation techniques, we bring energy to planning sessions to support effective decision-making and sustain momentum for action. No draining meetings or impractical frameworks. If it isn't helpful, we don't do it!

Set clear priorities & goals

Gather feedback 

Plan for action

Adapt & sustain strategies

Where you are

How we help

Where you'd like to be

Strategic Planning

Find your own path

With fun, hands-on, and practical educational content and activities, we ensure that learners develop the skills and knowledge they want. Brave learning environments allow for honest reflection, critical thinking, mistakes, and giggles.

We can help you design and evaluate your own learning initiative and design workshops for your organization or event. You can also join the courses and workshops we already offer. Stop snoozing through boring lectures and start honing skills through play and practice.

Professional Development

Take your practice further

Arts-based Methods for Evaluators and Researchers

Program Planning & Evaluation for Organizations

Effective Data Collecting, Analysis & Maintenance

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