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Meet the Team

We aren't just business partners. We're best friends. Together, we tackle complex problems with shared values, distinct skills, and complementary perspectives.


Jennica Nichols 


Jennica was born and raised in Southern Ontario and is of European descent. With 15 years of experience, she increases research and evaluation relevance and use in healthcare by changing who leads and benefits from the process. Use, respect, and thoughtfulness are core values that guide her work. Jennica helps clients with meaningful measurement, evaluative thinking, and creative problem-solving.

Jennica is a credentialed evaluator who holds a BSc. and MPH (epidemiology). She is moments from finishing her PhD.  


Maya Lefkowich

Maya was born in Toronto Ontario and is of Jewish and Eastern European descent. With 12 years of experience, she promotes equity in research and evaluation with transformative, community-led, and strengths-based approaches. Creativity, justice, and integrity are core values that guide her work. Maya helps clients tell meaningful stories about their learning, growth, and impact. 

Maya completed a BA, MPH (health promotion), and PhD. 

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Our Story

We met in graduate school after moving into neighbouring offices. When everyone else left for the night, we sprawled out on the office floor and dreamed up creative projects. Tired of toxic academic culture, we transformed opportunities that grad students compete over to collaborate instead. 

As ideal teammates, we designed our dream jobs and founded AND implementation. This company is our commitment to playing to each other's strengths and the strengths of our collaborators!

We are on a mission to turn curiosity into creative, useful, and just solutions. We envision a future where communities pursue their creative ideas and inquiry. 

Become a Collaborator

We love working with fellow consultants! If you want to team up on a project, get in touch.


Email us at 



As a social purpose consulting firm, we lead with our values. We're a good fit for your project if our values align.



We make decisions that serve future generations and respond to pressing environmental issues



Instead of creating dependence, we build core skills so that clients can sustain important work.



We offer pro-bono services and in-kind support for community-led projects and donate to charities that do anti-oppressive work. 



We work to render visible invisible abuses of power, support reflexivity and honest dialogue and prioritize solutions-focused strategies that elevate the wisdom and imaginations of many worldviews.

Creativity & Imagination 


The same thinking that got us into the problem cannot get us out. We embrace risk-taking and use creative strategies to re-imagine what is possible. 

Usability & Impact 


 We do not waste time, resources, ideas, or energy on outputs that no one wants or needs.



We embrace the messiness! By evolving alongside ever-shifting issues, we address difficult topics, sit with discomfort, and face challenges with curiosity and humility. 

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100% owned by queer women

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