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Our Story

We met in graduate school after being assigned neighbouring offices. We quickly discovered that we were always the last ones to leave at night. After everyone else was gone, we spent hours sitting on the office floor dreaming up projects to work on together after finishing school.


Tired of competitive academic culture, we fantasized about imaginative ventures that foster collaboration - especially among women and communities.

So, we started using school as an opportunity to test out our own change initiatives. We transformed opportunities that graduate students often compete over into collaborative projects. We co-chaired two successful conferences, designed and co-taught a visual research methods course, co-wrote and won grants, and designed workshops for respectful research and evaluation.

As we reached the end of our PhDs, we started looking for new opportunities to work together on projects that shared our values. Reimagining what a consulting firm could be, we founded AND implementation.


This is our dream job. And, it is our commitment to always play to each other's strengths and the strengths of our clients and communities.

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Maya Lefkowich

Jennica Nichols

Our Team

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Our Collaborators

As a small company, we love collaborating with fellow independent consultants on large scale and special interest projects. Here are some of the collaborators who are part of the AND family.


Julia Santana Parrilla


Hello! My name is Julia Santana Parrilla [pronounced: Santana, like Carlos; and Pah-ree-yah]. I was born in the Canary Islands, grew up in England, and immigrated with my immediate family to Edmonton in 2000. My Spanishness is very important to me, and my immigration experience is fundamental to my worldview. Both have contributed to my understandings of our social worlds, governing structures, and justice outcomes.


I moved to Vancouver in 2011 after completing my Sociology degree. I began my research career in the field of Quality of Life and in 2020 I graduated with a Master of Science in Population & Public Health from UBC. I have since contributed to best practice guidelines, program evaluations, and research  (design, ethics, analyses, knowledge translation) concerning 2SLGBTQI+ adolescent sexual decision-making, child and youth mental health, perinatal mental health, and transformative justice. Cumulatively, my experiences have informed my commitments to the pursuit of equity in health and justice. My specialties include qualitative methods, anti-oppressive stakeholder engagement, and knowledge exchange strategies.

Outside of work, I am a trauma-informed storytelling facilitator, enthusiastic cat mother, and clumsy kitchen alchemist.

Samantha Berger


Samantha Berger is a Toronto-based people and culture consultant with 15 years of relevant experience. Samantha’s mission centers on opening doors and creating space for people to benefit from equitable opportunities.


Coming from the arts and culture sector, Samantha spent the last 12 years as the Senior Manager of Patron Services for TO Live – a Toronto-based arts organization that oversees three civic-owned theatres including: Meridian Hall (formally known as the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts), the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, and the Meridian Arts Centre (formally known as the Toronto Centre for the Arts). As a consultant, Samantha keeps her finger on the pulse of the arts and culture sector while designing and implementing organizational and policy-level changes that empower arts workers.


Outside of work, Samantha can be found riding her bike across the hidden Toronto trails, catching a local band in concert (pre-pandemic), and reading biographies about musicians.

Alix Wadeson

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Alix Wadeson is an independent consultant based in Vancouver with over 12 years of experience in international development, peacebuilding and humanitarian work. Alix supports her clients to assess, learn and improve the quality and impact of their work through program design, monitoring, evaluation, and training. Alix brings specific expertise on qualitative and theory-based impact evaluation methods such as Most Significant Change, Outcome Harvesting and Process Tracing. Her thematic foci include climate change, resilience, girls’ education, governance and social accountability. Alix’s previous and current and previous clients include NGOs such as CARE International, Oxfam, Action Against Hunger, Action Aid and multi and bi-lateral institutions such as The World Bank, UNHCR, Global Affairs Canada, and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation. 


Alix serves on the board of directors as Vice Chair for Umoja Operation Compassion Society. Umoja is a grassroots organization that supports newcomers to Surrey to transition successfully to life in Canada, and also operates community development programs in Uganda. Additionally, she sits on the professional evaluation body of the Canadian Red Cross, providing technical Monitoring and Evaluation advisory support and services. Alix has a BA from the UBC and an MPA from the University of York in the UK. She also speaks French at an advanced professional proficiency level and is available for assignments in both French and English. Alix is a member of the Canadian Evaluation Society and is currently working on her CE which she plans to finish by mid-2020. 


Alix is passionate about animals and nature. She loves spending time out in the beauty of BC with her two dogs, Chance and Gina, and her partner Michael. She also considers herself to be a global citizen first and has lived in 7 countries on 4 continents to date and traveling to several others for work and pleasure. Her aim in all endeavours is to build meaningful connections with people from all walks of life, as a means to fostering global community and compassion for the human experience.

AND implementation is 100% owned by queer women

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