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Arts & Equity in Evaluation

There are infinite ways to practice evaluation. So, when we think about how to make evaluation more equitable or how to embed principles of equity in practice, there are only about a million places to get started. It's no surprise that lots of folks find it challenging to get going.

Luckily, evaluators like Sharmalene Mendis-Millard and Nick Petten are passionate about demystifying evaluation - making it easier for everyone to find what works for them. We were thrilled to join this conversation and offer some reflections on how we practice, what we do (and don't do) to promote equity, and where we are learning and growing in our evaluation work. We also share some ideas about diversifying evaluation tools to better engage diverse perspectives - oh yeah, we talk about using arts-based methods to do this!

Huge thank you to Sharmalene Mendis-Millard and Nick Petten for playing along and trying some arts techniques with us! Thank you also to the T.R.A.I.N team at Mass Culture for including us in this awesome initiative.

Looking for more?

Check out our other blog posts about arts-based methods here or information about our Arts-Based Methods Methods for Evaluators Course here. You can also access free resources on equitable evaluation with Mass Culture here.


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