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Arts-Based Methods For Justice-Oriented Evaluation

What does - or rather what can - equity in evaluation mean?

When the fabulous Sharmalene Mendis-Millard asked Jennica and me this question, we were thrilled to delve into the potential and problems with our creative practice. And, we were honoured to be included in Mass Culture's T.R.A.I.N initiative alongside fabulous arts practitioners!

As arts-based practitioners and evaluators, we are often asked to use arts methods in service of broader equity work. While some of the work that goes into building, sustaining, and inviting others into a creative evaluation practice is similar to that of dismantling systems of oppression, they are not the same. Evaluation can be both creative and unjust.

So, what does it take to use arts-based techniques responsibly and in service of social justice? This fabulous discussion with the incredibly talented and thoughtful Ann Marie Beals and Sharmalene Mendis-Millard grapples with this question. We explore power, evaluation pitfalls - and of course - tips and examples from our arts-based practices.

Huge thank you to Sharmalene Mendis-Millard, Ann Marie Beals, and the T.R.A.I.N team at Mass Culture.

Looking for more?

Check out our other blog posts about arts-based methods here or information about our Arts-Based Methods Methods for Evaluators Course here. You can also access free resources on equitable evaluation with Mass Culture here.


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