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Program Evaluation

People often worry that program evaluation is a judgemental audit of organizational and individual performance. If evaluators impose check-lists or unattainable metrics of success, outcomes can be unsatisfying because those involved don't feel heard or celebrated. When funding for important services or initiatives are at stake, there can be a lot riding on evaluations.


We get it! That's why our evaluation practice centres on: 

We honour what growth means to you.


Set and reach your own performance, program, and/or organizational goals 

That's it. No judgement. No check-lists. No unnecessary performance indicators. And, absolutely no reports that gather dust on shelves.

We listen to what you want and use every aspect of the evaluation to  bring you closer to your vision.

AND, we bring energizing strategies to build enthusiasm for evaluation without draining your team. Learn more about how we avoid exhausting clients here



Implement meaningful accountability strategies, to learn and grow.

Social Change

Use evaluations to bolster relationships with community, environment, and future generations

We offer expertise in:

Identifying what works to facilitate positive change in your program, team, or organization. We use strengths as a bridge to get you where you hope to go next.

Arts-Based Methods

Tapping into the creative ways people express themselves invites more diverse engagement and generates in-depth insights into experiences, values, and beliefs.

Case Study

Capturing wisdom and lessons learned from "cases" or sites of interest across multiple contexts to test an idea and/or compare experiences or outcomes. 

Developmental Evaluation

Supporting social innovators with complex or uncertain projects by offering iterative feedback that strengthens (rather than stifles) ideation and pilot stages.

Empowerment Evaluation

Encouraging communities to identify, meaningfully monitor progress towards, and reach their own goals on their own terms and in service of self-determination.

Most Significant Change

Harnessing the power of stories to explore change and build consensus around shared vision and/or desirable future directions.

Outcome Mapping

Setting transformative or disruptive projects up for success by monitoring and promoting accountability for change processes and relationships.

Principle-based Evaluation

Theory-based Evaluation

Using a rigorous underlying logic to structure an evaluation that meaningfully measures how an initiative contributed to expected changes or outcomes. 

Want to chat more about evaluation to see if we are a good fit?
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Elevating dynamic change initiatives by adapting activities and goals to context. Principles guide decision-making to create real-world change. 

Need Help Getting Started?

Whether you are doing your own in-house evaluation or looking to get started with an evaluation consultant, it can be helpful to start by planning what you need to get done and creating an inventory of what you already have (it may be more than you think). 

Check out our free evaluation planning tools below to get started.

Plan what you need to do, when, why, and with what resources.

Track what you already have, what you need, and how to get started.

Appreciative Inquiry 

Evaluation Data Inventory

Evaluation Action Plan

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