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Have you ever snoozed through a boring lecture and then wondered, "What did I even learn?"


We have! That's why we design and customize experiential learning strategies. With fun and hands-on educational activities, real-world case studies, and plenty of time for individual and group reflection, we elevate skill development and professional growth. And, we build towards learning outcomes that people actually want. We foster brave learning environments where critical thinking, honest questions, and mistakes are encouraged.

Starting from your learning goals, we nurture personal, team, and organizational growth

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Work with us to identify learning goals, content, and structure

Current Course Offerings

Customizable Workshops

paint splatter with text: arts-based methods for evaluators begginer course

This exciting beginner-level course provides a glimpse into arts-based methods for data collection.

The course includes: 

  • 5 sessions (2 hours each)

  • 4 arts techniques (photo elicitation, poetry, drawing, collage)

  • Time for practice, discussion & reflection 

  • Opportunities to connect with peers 

  • Zero judgement for artwork or artistic skill level

Next Cohort: September - October 2022. Registration open

Arts-Based Methods

Gain skills and experience using creative techniques for data collection using: 

Knowledge Translation

Learn how to effectively transform your ideas (or your clients') into change initiatives with: 

  • Art Instillations 

  • Community Initiatives 

  • Data Visualization

  • Meaningful Presentations

  • Storytelling

  • Useful Reports

  • Theatre 
    and more...

Quantitative Data Collection & Analysis

Enhance your techniques for meaningful measurement with: 

  • Effective Survey Design

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Simple Data Analysis 

  • Organizational and Funder Reporting
    and more...

Qualitative Data Collection & Analysis

Tell respectful and relevant stories with community and organizational partners with: 

  • Effective Interviewing

  • Focus Group Facilitation

  • Theoretical Frameworks 

  • Coding & Concept Mapping

  • Theory-Building 

  • Writing & Reporting
    and more...

Reflexive Practice

Foster your own learning and growth in your professional practice with skills to: 

  • Confront Implicit Bias

  • Track Successes & Drawbacks 

  • Navigate Conflict  

  • Centre Joy and Compassion

  • Fail Forward
    and more...

Academic Communication

Develop effective strategies for communicating your research ideas or findings to: 

  • Funders 

  • Collaborators 

  • Community Partners 

  • Interdisciplinary Audiences 

  • Conference Attendees 

  • Media Outlets 

  • The Public 
    and more...

Have another idea for a workshop, course, or series that you don't see listed here? No problem! We would be happy to book a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your idea and see if we are the right fit for your professional development initiative. 

Book a free no-obligation 30-min consultation now.

Conferences & Professional Development Days

We are happy to adapt any of our professional development workshops into a keynote address, panel, presentation, or applied learning experience to enhance your next: 

  • Conference

  • Organizational Learning Day or Professional Development Day 

  • Community Event 

  • Symposium 

  • Seminar or Webinar Series 

  • Lunch 'N Learn Series 

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